Food City: Feast Of The Five Boroughs

Written and Directed by Matthew Fleischmann and Lars Fuchs
Starring Leda Meredith, Gary Lincoff, "Wildman" Steve Brill


Not long ago, all food was local. Hyper-local, in fact: if you didn’t grow it or find it yourself, you didn’t eat it. Today our food is hyper-global: we get our food from any corner of the world. What might a return to hyper-localism look like? In "Food City: Feast of the Five Boroughs", Matt and Lars find out by challenging themselves to serve a four-course meal for eight people using only ingredients farmed, fished, or foraged from within the five boroughs of New York City. As the two search the city, they meet farmers, foragers, and salt-mongers, and discover the surprisingly rich diversity of foods that the city actually produces.

  • 19 mins 58 secs


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