Mark Becker


Mark Becker produced, directed and edited the documentary ROMANTICO (2005), which was nominated for the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival and received two Independent Spirit Award nominations, including Best Documentary. ROMANTICO was released theatrically by Kino International. Becker edited and directed the film PRESSURE COOKER (2008) for Participant Media. The film was nominated for an Emmy for Nonfiction Filmmaking and won awards at seven film festivals before opening theatrically.

Becker produced and edited the documentary ELEVATE (2011), which premiered at South by Southwest Film Festival, and edited the documentary CIRCO (2010), which was released theatrically and aired on the PBS series Independent Lens.

He was one of two editors on the acclaimed LOST BOYS OF SUDAN (2003), winner of an Independent Spirit Award. Becker earned a Masters Degree from Stanford University in Documentary Film.