audience award winner - ‘la bruja’

Written and Directed by Eliza Cossio

La Bruja is a bilingual dark comedy about a Mexican American woman who goes through a breakup, then meets a witch who offers to help. Starring Eliza Cossio, Anthony Oberbeck, Michele Carlo, Joanna Hausmann, Ronny Chieng, Sophie Zucker, Andy Bustillos, Karen Chee, Dillon Stevenson, Mary Houlihan, Pedro Lee.


best of fest winner - ‘kindred spirit’

Written and Directed by Caroline Lindy

Singleton Eloise invites a man she’s just met online to her apartment but when he turns up she gets less than she’d bargained for. Starring Jack Henry Robbins and Caroline Lindy


best feature film - ‘this is our home’

Directed by Omri Dorani

In this romance turned horror, a struggling couple's weekend getaway goes awry when a child arrives in the middle of the night claiming to be their son. Starring and produced by Simone Policano and Jeff Ayars, and written by Rob Harmon.



Written and Directed by Jordan Michael Blake

A recently engaged couple deals with the stress of competing for $10,000 on a public access gameshow. Starring Anu Valia, Jordan Michael Blake


best documentary short - ‘legal smuggling with adam lucas (hanksy)’

Directed by Lewie Kloster & Noah Kloster

After making a name for himself as 'Hanksy,' Tom Hanks/Banksy mashup street artist, Adam Lucas, found himself meeting his idol: Tom Hanks. During the meeting, Adam is forced to question whether his 'Hanksy' monicker is doing more bad than good. Written by Adam Lucas and starring Adam Lucas.


the neighborhood award winner - ‘dom’

Written and Directed by Meryl Jones Williams & Jane Stiles

After Dom teases Beth to join her on her daily drug route, she tags along aimless and happy to spend the day biking through old NYC haunts with a long-lost sister. Drawn back to each other, they avoid going home, even if it means rupturing an unspoken truth that lies between them. Starring Annapurna Sriram & Jane Stiles.