Sidewalk Traffic


Directed by Anthony Fisher

When 30 year-old filmmaker Declan is squeezed out of a promotion, he shocks everyone by devoting himself as a stay at home dad. As he learns his new role, he is forced to face his demons including the still lingering fallout of his best friend's suicide, while working to resurrect his dreams.

Producer: Robyn K. Bennett
Director of Photography: David Kruta
Editor: Ray Chung
Composer: Barb Morrison

Johnny Hopkins
Erin Darke
Samm Levine
Heather Matarazzo
Kurt Loder
Dave Hill
Tom Shillue
Tibor Feldman
Joe Randazzo

Soundtrack includes: Citizen Cope, Mike Doughty, The Everymen, The Neutron Drivers, Amy Correia, The Slackers, Miles Garber

  • US Premiere
  • 1hr, 37 min